San Diego Women’s Week

Finding the balance between You and You:  A modern-day woman’s conumdrum.


Slaying The Zero Age Hypothesis

It’s that time in your life again.  You’re going to have a birthday.  Again.  Not that there’s anything wrong with that, to quote “Seinfeld“.

To quote a blog I enjoy,

“There really isn’t anything wrong with that.  I’m smarter, more secure in myself, less brooding, and more optimistic than I’ve ever been.  I appreciate those qualities in myself, more than the downside of not being able to do a cartwheel, run up the staircase three steps at a time or leap tall buildings in a single bound.

I’ve slain less vampires and have adopted a more “live and let live” attitude (figuratively, of course).  The person who cuts me off on the freeway bothers me less and the person who abuses children and animals bothers me more.

My mom says that the hardest part about getting older is that her brain still expects her body to respond that same way that it did when she was sixteen.  Granted, but my body still works, and I’m grateful for that.  Also, I’m grateful that my brain doesn’t respond the same when I was sixteen.  Now, I get those same flashes of exhilaration that happened at sixteen without the recklessness attached.  (The thought of my car insurance premiums have put a kibosh on the thrill of drag racing.)

Every day, I continue to grow up, grow wiser, and grow braver.  I no longer fear birthdays, even those that mark another decade.  I don’t subscribe to the advertising that tells me to buy products that will make me look like the gorgeous girl on TV.

Now, I see the very thin 15-year-old girl dolled up to look like a gorgeous 20-year-old.  I realize that her beauty is designed to make me feel bad about myself so I’ll buy their product.  Rather, I concern myself with 15-year-old girls around the world who are treated like chattel and are thin because they have nothing to eat.

So, whatever the next year has to offer, bring it on.   I no longer fear you.  “Mercy, the Stereotype Slayer” has her arsenal for offsetting another ache or pain with smiles and love.  I’m going to do my darndest to make this world a better place.  The more stereotypes that I slay, the more beautiful that I’ll feel.  You can’t get that out of a jar.”


About The Morgan La Fey

Creative consultant of consistency. Magical, motivational manager.
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