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How close did Baylor QB Robert Griffin III come to being a legitimate target of the Broncos in the 2012 NFL Draft? Pretty darn close, apparently.

“At a certain point this season,”’s Steve Wyche said Monday on “NFL Total Access,” “with conversations I had there, they were really doing their due diligence on RG3 because of some of the things he can do to the offense.”

Wyche didn’t specify when, exactly, the Broncos were doing their homework on Griffin, although you’d have to believe it was before and/or at the beginning of Tim Tebow supplanting Kyle Orton as the team’s starting QB.

So what are the chances the Broncos, who own the 25th pick, now would make a play for RG3?

“No shot,” Wyche said. “They’d have to give up a whole lot of draft picks to get up to No…

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